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I love making new friends here on the internets. Before you friend me, please comment here (or on another post that tickles your fancy). I'd appreciate a brief introduction, including how we might know each other and/or what interests overlap.

Without an intro, I'm not very likely to friend back. Thanks!
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My fantastic amazing gift in this year's [ profile] sshg_exchange was the absolutely stunning Root of the Matter by [ profile] noxiaa. I was completely floored by her take on a very challenging prompt. The story is magical, in every meaning of the word, and I lost myself in it. The first chapter may frighten you off because it begins at such a dark, terrifying point in Hermione's life, but there is hope and brilliance that follows.

My contribution was Behind the Dungeon Door which [ profile] shiv5468 chose as her 2nd gift (!!!!!!!!!). It was one of the few times I've let go of my internal censor and just WRITTEN without angsting over the outcome, and I think I might need to take an object lesson from the experience. Writing was actually, um, fun. Who knew? I owe my eternal thanks and the non-baby equivalent of a first born to [ profile] pokeystar and [ profile] christev for the Bingo planning chat that spawned the most brilliant idea ever: a porn soundtrack for a PWP fic that featured porn. [ profile] pokeystar's husband wrote the music featured in the story, and he deserves a million, billion kudos for delivering a spectacular soundtrack.

Huge kudos also go to [ profile] christev, [ profile] dickgloucester, [ profile] machshefa, and [ profile] sc010f for chasing away any lingering wibbles and stray commas.

Thank you to executive producers [ profile] shiv5468, [ profile] ginny_weasley31 and [ profile] scatteredlogic. What more can I say that hasn't been said? Thank you for the fantastic prompts? ;) Thanks for modding this fantastic event that brings such joy and drama (draaaaaaaaama) to our lives.

And thanks to [ profile] christev and [ profile] pearle9240 for some fabulous icons. [ profile] miss_page_54 still has some work cut out for her. ;)
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 Hello all,

I saw a couple people gathering links from what's going on with T, in case their posts encounter people who haven't been on LJ and encountered the signal boosting.

I've made the top post on my LJ a tracking post with all the links of news and updates, resources for coping, and links to tags for the projects going on at SmokingBaby.

You can reference it by link using this:
Or just point people to my LJ. 
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Signal Boost:  A more upbeat update (Some not so great news at the beginning (before the Puff Squad arrives)) on [ profile] mischievous_t .

I've been blown away the past few days by everyone's ideas and support. You all rock.
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 The unfortunate news continues. Read Machshefa's post here.
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We had an extremely eventful weekend here in Chicago. Thursday night the following fangirls met to see Deathly Hallows Part 2: [ profile] annietalbot  (and her awesome sister), [ profile] apollinav[ profile] christev , [ profile] drinkingcocoa[ profile] geminiscorp[ profile] juniperus[ profile] machshefa[ profile] mischievous_t[ profile] pyjamapants, and [ profile] voxangelus.

Friday, [ profile] drinkingcocoa  and [ profile] geminiscorp  left us, [ profile] sc010f   joined us, and then some bad things happened.

This afternoon, after the events of the past few days had some time to settle, we asked [ profile] mischievous_t  who she wanted it shared with, and she said, "The world." So, I am posting this information at the express wish of  [ profile] mischievous_t  who said she needs all the help and support she can get.
What Happened, What's Happening Tomorrow, How T's Doing, How You Can Help )
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Title: The Phantom Chase: The Phantom Crime Scene (2/10)
Universe: BBC Sherlock
Pairings: John/Sherlock
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Mycroft Holmes, Jim Moriarty, Sally Donovan, DI Lestrade
Word Count: 4,272
Rating: R (for non-graphic violence and eventual sexual situations)
Warnings: Non-graphic violence, kidnapping
Summary: Moriarty launches a series of kidnappings that have Sherlock Holmes at wits end, desperate for evidence, motive, and sanity.
Notes: Huge thank yous to alpha/betas/britpickers [ profile] annietalbot , [ profile] dickgloucester[ profile] machshefa, and [ profile] sc010f for your advice, insight, and support. Any lingering mistakes are my own.

Chapter One

Chapter Two: Phantom Crime Scene )
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Title: The Phantom Chase (1/10)
Universe: BBC Sherlock
Pairings: John/Sherlock
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Mycroft Holmes, Jim Moriarty
Word Count: 1,293
Rating: R
Spoilers: Season 1
Summary: Moriarty launches a series of kidnappings that have Sherlock Holmes at wits end, desperate for evidence, motive, and sanity.
Notes: Huge thank yous to alpha/betas/britpickers [ profile] annietalbot , [ profile] dickgloucester , [ profile] machshefa , and [ profile] sc010f for your advice, insight, and support. 

(Additional Notes: Any and all HP plot bunnies are being petted and well fed. Keeping the muse happy with Sherlock at the moment.)

Chapter One: The First Move )
Chapter Two
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I've been meaning to post this for ages and keep putting it off. 

As most of you know, I teach piano. By virtue of the honor of molding young minds (*cough*), the company I purchase sheet music through has set me up with a little store so that I can funnel purchases their direction and make a wee commission off of it.

So, if you're in the market for some piano/guitar/voice/etc. music, you can help support a fellow fangirl by using this link whenever you shop Sheet Music Plus. The web site won't look any different from their regular site (so, no identifying information that you've clicked correctly). And I won't get any details about your purchase except the state where the order ships to*. 

I'll even be happy to help you select appropriate music and, you know, earn the wee commission.

(*So you can buy all the Barry Manilow and Hannah Montana sheet music you want, and I will NEVER know)
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This is the very last post for Ari and PJ's Random LJ Scavenger Hunt. *sniffs*

Tomorrow (well later today, really), I'll make another post, available only to Scavenger Hunt Peeps where I'll share a link to the spreadsheet so you can check to see whether you recorded all your days of posts. Then on Tuesday or Wednesday we'll draw the winner.

And at some point, once I've recovered from DH-coma-of-awesome, I'll respond to comments on the poll I posted.

Your last day's Scavenger Hunt assignment is to post Something That Makes You Smile.

See what's lurking behind the cut... )

Here's a link to the form.
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Nom and I decided we need to squee with more people.

Repost if you like.

Chatzy Squee Room.

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For Day 19...

Something that reminds you of someone you love.
Oh, looky, an LJ cut...  )

Link to form. 
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Ariadne1 and I chatted the other night about how fun this has been.[Poll #1646110]
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Today's item to scavenge is...

"If my life were a work of fiction,  ITEM THAT i OWN AND LOVE, LOVE, LOVE  would be consider Out of Character (even though I love it so, so, so very much!).

Satiate your curiosity here... )

Yesterday's antiquated technology is under the cut too. 

And here's the form link.


Nov. 18th, 2010 01:26 am
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Further proof that hearing loss in PJ's House is a running gag:

[Documentary by French Filmmaker on TV in living room. Me at dining room table.]

Me: What the hell? "We rubbed together nine squids?"

Mr. PJ: "We. WROTE. together. nine. SCRIPTS."

Mr. PJ: But if you want to think they did something with a bunch of squids, that's up to you....
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My phone is being cranky about emailing my photos OR uploading them to photobucket. So I'll have to post my photo later.

Today's item: Post some antiquated technology. 

Link to form.
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And here's where I officially start scraping the bottom of the barrel. Lots of our stuff is still in long term, sealed up storage, where it will remain until spring.

So I'm recycling.

Today's Task: Random Thing with Something You Made.

Today's item is Random Thing with Something That You Made )
Here's the form link
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On the way to Starbucks from piano, I drove behind a car with the license plate.... PWP. 


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