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Birthdate:Dec 3
Location:Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America
Hello everyone!

I'm Pyjamapants, a simple Midwestern girl, perpetually running in eleventy directions at once. I dipped my toes into Harry Potter fan fiction in 2008 and found the waters delightfully warm and welcoming. I'm slowly branching out into a couple of other fandoms, primarily Sherlock, based on the 2010 BBC series.

Additionally, you should know that I have a deep, meaningful, long lasting relationship with spreadsheets.

You can find my stories here:

Harry Potter
The Petulant Poetess
Granger Enchanted

Archive of Our Own

Please take a peek at my LJ and friend's introduction post before you friend me. Otherwise, I'm not likely to friend back. Not being snobby... I just like to know the people reading my f-locked posts.

I read a little bit of everything and seriously enjoy a good bit of mischief. I co-mod the [info]lm_hgficxchange and created the March Madness Challenge for the [info]5_for_five community. I created and co-mod the [info]exchange_bingo community. Life is more fun with games, after all. ;)

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