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The Witches of Gilford is DOOOOOOONE. Done, done, done, done, done. If you've been waiting until it wasn't a WIP (or until it was clear that I'd finish the blasted last chapter), then wait no more! Owl House Cup points await you for your patience. ;)

I uploaded it to Owl, TPP, Ashwinder, Granger Enchanted, and WIKTT today. It's simmering in the queues everywhere but WIKTT, where it is up and available for viewing here

I left some extensive thank you's in the author's note, but I wanted to thank EVERYBODY here. The SS/HG Fandom has been such a wonderful, welcoming place, and I do not have words adequate to express my thanks for how kind and welcoming you all have been.

*hugs, glomps, and kisses for the entire f-list*

I've lots and lots of things to catch up on fandom wise... but for the moment, I must tend to some RL stuff. And drink some celebratory beer. And entire all the plot bunnies that have been held at bay since I've buckled down to work on my epilogue.
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I made this week's [ profile] quiz_sshg !!!!!!

What are you waiting for? Go take this week's quiz!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm feeling exceptionally festive now. I'm feeling considerably better. Just a touch of fever now.

The Witches of Gilford: Yule Edition is posted on The Petulant Poetess, and chapter 8 of the original story is patiently waiting in the queue. The Yule Edition is fluffier than the Poly-fill I bought today. I worked diligently this weekend instead of the bazilion Christmas presents (still) left to sew and bake. See how much I love you guys?

AND! I've been sewing the world's most awesome present ever. I'm giving my thumb a bit of a rest from some tedious hand applique work (which is something I swore I'd never do, but Iron-On Numbers were flipping expensive!) I'll post pictures when I finish it.

I watched Wallace and Gromit earlier whilst appliqueing, and I'm settling in for Love Actually now. Mmmmmmm. More drool-worthy men than you can shake a stick at.


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Chapter 9 is winging its way through cyberspace towards [ profile] kittylefish .

I cannot wait to post it. Granted 8 has to be posted first. :)

Bits of chapter 9 were written long, long ago. There's one bit of dialogue that has kept me motivated throughout the whole process of outlining, searching for a beta, writing, and wringing my hands.

[ profile] kittylefish  has accused me of being a horrible tease. Feel free to jump on that bandwagon.

And to use my favourite new word from [ profile] blue_paris,. Chapter 9 is sexiful.

Back to the grindstone....


Dec. 12th, 2008 01:58 am
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I am happy and relieved. Chapter 8 is done and off circulating in betaland. Even if no one else finds it funny, I think it's hilarious. So there.

Home again

Nov. 30th, 2008 11:37 pm
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Thanksgiving was, for the most part, lovely. There were a few awkward parts, but for the most part it was just a typical holiday: good times with family and friends, tempered by reflection of days gone by.

I did give quite a bit of thanks for the current state of RL versus a year ago. I honestly don't remember the holidays of 2007, except for how they related to work, which was starting to go particularly sour at the time. I'm quite thankful that particular nightmare has ended.... I'll be even more thankful when the nightmares about that particular nightmare stop too.

I did find something extremely entertaining during the trip.  Friday morning, DH and I were getting ready when I asked, "Why does Mom have The Half Blood Prince sitting under the alarm clock in our bedroom?" 

Mystery solved... )
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Chapter 7 of TWoG has been added to the queue, well ahead of schedule. Betas are on hiatus off and on through the end of the year, so this will mark the last upload until late December. I'm quite proud of the chapter... parts of it were a complete bitch to write, but I *think* I did the characters (and their UST) justice.

I'm drawing close to the end of my little tale, and I hope once I've wrapped it up that I can solicit some constructive criticism here on my LJ. Reviews of the fic. would seem to indicate that I'm the most hilarious, clever author ever, and I'm nearly certain that's not the case. Nearly certain. I'm looking forward to ending the story so that I can look back over it with a more objective eye and improve my writing.

Penning and publishing the story has been such a roller-coaster: Getting over some serious anxiety about writing emails, much less a chaptered story; basking in the glow of the story's initial reception (finding it recommended by several individuals and the digest was an enormous boost to my confidence as a writer); relearning seemingly all punctuation and grammar rules; trying not to get sucked into the trap of clinging to reviews for affirmation; finding that some reviewers just seem to have their feedback permanently set to squee, regardless of author or story; being desperately afraid that I'd made Severus adorable and that Hermione was a complete Mary Sue; and, having more fun than I dreamed possible while making some excellent new friends.

Chapter 6!

Nov. 21st, 2008 12:21 am
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Woohoo! Chapter 6 of The Witches of Gilford has completed its journey through the queue.

Chapter 5 left off with the following scene:

"It wasn't until he heard a soft, barely audible snore that Severus realized Hermione had fallen asleep. There was no way to extract himself from her embrace without awakening her. He was loath to move her, and Severus supposed that there were far worse ways to be tortured to the brink of insanity than having a beautiful witch fall asleep in your arms. After he carefully shifted himself into a more comfortable position, Severus grabbed the knitted throw off the back of the sofa and covered the two of them. Knowing that he would pay dearly if his neck were not better situated, Severus transfigured the end of the sofa to better suit his needs and slowly drifted off to sleep."

Read Chapter 6 here.

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Chapter 7 has nearly killed me, but it's soooooooo close to done at last. I wanted to have it wrapped up two weeks ago. Although the epiphany that occurred in the mean time was well worth the wait. I may have even managed to stumble across something that's not been discussed elsewhere in the fandom.

Blech. I have been doubting the character development, and, generally speaking, writing Severus Snape is NOT good for my mental well-being. I'll looking forward to wrapping this up. Chapter 8 will be much, much more fun.
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Chapter 5 (The Leaky Granger) is up over at The Petulant Poetess.

I'm very pleased to write that today I finally broke through my writer's block. I'd been trying to write a bit of snark that just wouldn't snark. It felt like trying to pull a banana out of my nose or something. Horribly forced and not a bit realistic. All it took to break the writer's block was a review that my Snape was 'adorable.' I was horrified. Adorable? Shit, shit, shit! The panic that perhaps I'd written fluffy sappy OOC Snape broke the floodgates. Snark ensued, and I'm nearly ready to send chapter that particular to beta-land now. Whew.
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Exciting things are afoot here in pyjama-land. I've carefully interspersed the boring and exciting bits below so that you keep reading. I'm crafty like that.

1. The first chapter of The Witches of Gilford has been published at The Petulant Poetess! It was seemingly well received. The ratio of reviews-to-reads looks about average, and the feedback was excellent.

2. I ran a half marathon last weekend and hacked 54 minutes off my previous time. My very first full marathon is just (yipes) 3 weeks away on October 19th. Our Team in Training send-off meeting was last night, and I'm already feeling nervous. You know you're in The Wrong Meeting when it contains the cautionary sentence "Be sure to eat immediately because we don't want you to go to the medic tent."

3. I'm fighting knee pain and tendinitis in my left foot and doing physical therapy. This involves rolling a ball underneath my foot and moving small rocks from one box to another with my toes. The cats want to help very badly. On Day #4,651 of the Pet Chore Project, we FINALLY have taught the cats to do chores. Sadly, their efforts to complete my physical therapy for me are entirely ineffective. But my foot's better and the cats are happy.

4. I may be losing my mind. I walked downstairs to grab cat medicine on Monday. Cat #3 has pee crystals. I'm not sure which is worse. The erratic peeing outside the litterbox or having to give the cat antibiotic pills twice a day. But I digress. I went downstairs to get the medicine, and DH asked me a series of questions. I walked back upstairs and promptly popped the cat medicine in MY mouth. FORTUNATELY, I did not swallow and avoided the embarassing phone call to the vet explaining why exactly I'd taken cat antibiotic and asking about side effects.

5. Chapters 1-3 of The Witches of Gilford are written! Chapter 3 is in[ profile] kittylefish 's capable hands right now, and I'll add Chapter 2 to the queue at TPP tomorrow. I was struggling with Chapter 4 (transition-land) and skipped ahead to Chapter 5, figuring it would be easier to draw the transition line if I knew exactly where I was headed. It helped immensely, and Chapter 5 is 80% done to boot.

6. Crazy weekend ahead too. DH's sister is in town to attend a 3 night music festival with us. Bridal Shower for DH's cousin on Saturday. Oh, and I run 20 miles starting at 6 AM Saturday morning. Maybe I'll sleep sometime in there.


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