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I spend far too much time grumbling about the allergy-inflicted ick that normally accompanies spring, what with its drastic weather changes and copious amounts of pollen.

Instead, today I shall sing its praises.

1. The cover keeps blowing off our grill. I think it's trying to taunt me with its shininess. Damn it. Now I'm dying for some grilled corn on the cob, my absolute favoritest food in the world.

2. I planted seed flats this week! Three varieties of tomatoes (Sugar Snack, Roma, and Bushsteak) at 8 plants apiece, 8 broad-leaf basils, 8 eggplants, 8 variety peppers (Hungarian Wax, cayenne, etc.), 8 Sweet bell peppers, 8 cumin, 16 lavender, and 16 creeping thyme. I'm not done with the seeds either! I've still got container mint and lettuce to start. And let's not forget all the seeds that will be directly sown: burpless cucumbers, zucchini, squash, okra. Woooooot! I'll post picspam in a week or two when the seedlings emerge.

3. I've been running again! Granted the ear ache has kept me waylaid a bit, though I desperately need to start hitting the pavement on a regular basis; I've got a half marathon in a month and a half!

4. Buds are out on the trees! Three pitiful little crocuses have popped up in the front flower bed. The bunny has returned to the back yard. The lily bulbs are poking their noses out.

5. I desperately hope our lilac bush recovers this year. It was shorn in half by a drunk driver last year (yes, a drunk driver) who hit the side of our corner lot, drove up the seven foot embankment, clipped our 40 foot locust tree with the mirror, and drove down the other side of the embankment, narrowly missing our neighbor's car. Sometimes it's quite entertaining to live in the 'hood.

What about you ladies and gents? Has spring sprung where you live?

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Nov. 7th, 2008 02:02 am
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So, I completed my first marathon at this pace; visited the physical therapist (finally) today for two hours of stretching, poking, massaging, balancing, bending, ultrasounding, and elecro-stimulating; and, I've mapped out my training schedule for my next event.

I'll be running the Country Music Half Marathon on Saturday, April 25th, 2009. I'll be spending my training time trying to shave minutes off my miles so that I can beat my Dad's time on race day (Nashville 'tis my hometown). So, if anyone out there lives in the region (waves at known Memphians on the flst) and is interested in a virtual training partner, just let me know. I've mapped out my training schedule already, and it's soooooo much easier than the full marathon. Nearly all the runs in December are just 2 miles each. You can also walk these events if you're so inclined.

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A bit of back story before I arrive at the punchline:

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