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Just doing my duty to pass along an unbelievable story that hit crack_broom this week.

Are you a foodie?
Do you read slash at all, ever? Specifically, do you read Harry/Draco? (but don't let that stop you if you don't)

There's nothing I can say here that possibly conveys how magical the story is. It's a treat, through and through. In Pomegranate[ profile] treacle_tartlet has created a Chef!Draco that is just.... *fumbles for words*

Go. Read. This story is a treasure.

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Dag nab it. I was actually trying NOT to pick up any more ships. Really, it's rather enough that my OTP would have made me gag four years ago. And I'm sure I'd have been physically ill at the thought of Lumione or Snarry. Honestly, someone should create a shipping sticker book so that I can collect stickers for all the damn pairings I read. At least I'd have something to show for it then. :D

Courtesy of my lovely beta, [ profile] kittylefish , I think I might now have to list Snupin as a ship I avidly read. Well, especially now that I beta for her. I might as well suck it up and come along by choice rather than by force. :)

Her latest, In The Staff Room, was written in celebration of Remus Lupin's birthday, courtesy of the prompt "Staff Room" from the Lupin_Snape LJ community. It is gorgeous and rich and sexy, and the characters are so true to form and natural. *nudges readers* Go read it!

*slaps Snupin sticker on shipping passport*


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