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Rdholmantx and I have been planning on running a marathon together for a while, and we want to open the fun (*cough*) up to the rest of HP fandom. We're planning to start an LJ community called Run Fangirl Run. We've selected the [Poll #1531103][Poll #1531103]
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Mollysister reminded me today that I hadn't posted the long story of my marathon (oh, and it's long, alright). So, to entertain you as the votes start to trickle in, here's my account:

Read about how awesome it was... )

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It makes me nervous to even type this, but in less than three days I'll have run my first marathon! I've been taking it easy this week by sleeping lots (as advised), stocking up on carbs (as advised), not running at all (not advised but necessary due to chaffing in The Place That Dare Not Be Named), and writing a smutty one-shot (not mentioned anywhere in the marathon training manuals.... but I'm sure it will help).

My nerves are all a flutter.

In other news, I'm attending my very first ever Dungeons and Dragons meeting tonight. I can hardly believe I've made it through life thus far without playing. I'm still trying to think of my character though. Perhaps a wizard clad in all black who offers snarky comments at every occasion? Nah, my husband would never let me live it down.


Sep. 30th, 2008 02:25 am
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I'm off to a physical therapist this morning. My legs tried to kill me this weekend from miles 12 - 18. They're not very keen on this marathon training thing. They may be right, but I'm more stubborn than they are. (Am truly insane, have started referring to legs as if they were an external entity).

In much, much happier news, the second chapter of The Witches of Gilford is up on The Petulant Poetess. I've had an overwhelming response to date, and it's been so very encouraging.
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Exciting things are afoot here in pyjama-land. I've carefully interspersed the boring and exciting bits below so that you keep reading. I'm crafty like that.

1. The first chapter of The Witches of Gilford has been published at The Petulant Poetess! It was seemingly well received. The ratio of reviews-to-reads looks about average, and the feedback was excellent.

2. I ran a half marathon last weekend and hacked 54 minutes off my previous time. My very first full marathon is just (yipes) 3 weeks away on October 19th. Our Team in Training send-off meeting was last night, and I'm already feeling nervous. You know you're in The Wrong Meeting when it contains the cautionary sentence "Be sure to eat immediately because we don't want you to go to the medic tent."

3. I'm fighting knee pain and tendinitis in my left foot and doing physical therapy. This involves rolling a ball underneath my foot and moving small rocks from one box to another with my toes. The cats want to help very badly. On Day #4,651 of the Pet Chore Project, we FINALLY have taught the cats to do chores. Sadly, their efforts to complete my physical therapy for me are entirely ineffective. But my foot's better and the cats are happy.

4. I may be losing my mind. I walked downstairs to grab cat medicine on Monday. Cat #3 has pee crystals. I'm not sure which is worse. The erratic peeing outside the litterbox or having to give the cat antibiotic pills twice a day. But I digress. I went downstairs to get the medicine, and DH asked me a series of questions. I walked back upstairs and promptly popped the cat medicine in MY mouth. FORTUNATELY, I did not swallow and avoided the embarassing phone call to the vet explaining why exactly I'd taken cat antibiotic and asking about side effects.

5. Chapters 1-3 of The Witches of Gilford are written! Chapter 3 is in[ profile] kittylefish 's capable hands right now, and I'll add Chapter 2 to the queue at TPP tomorrow. I was struggling with Chapter 4 (transition-land) and skipped ahead to Chapter 5, figuring it would be easier to draw the transition line if I knew exactly where I was headed. It helped immensely, and Chapter 5 is 80% done to boot.

6. Crazy weekend ahead too. DH's sister is in town to attend a 3 night music festival with us. Bridal Shower for DH's cousin on Saturday. Oh, and I run 20 miles starting at 6 AM Saturday morning. Maybe I'll sleep sometime in there.


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