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Hey, it's still Friday as long as I'm awake, eh?

1. Work continues to be very good. Officially passed grunt-work of managing current Giant Project off to minion. Get new minion to train next week. Completed 1 and nearly finished second of 12 Large Projects that will be distributed to fleets of minions for work during August/September. Busy doesn't even begin to cover it. Ten to twelve hour days for the foreseeable future, but all's good. Have spreadsheet. Am happy.

2. August. It's a month late, but I'm drawing a line in the sand August 1 and declaring the first part of 2010 OVER. No bugs. No broken bones. It. Is. Over. The last half of 2010 will be awesome, even if I have to paint the entire house in sparkles to make it happen. *invests all hope in the power of positive thinking.*

3. Running. Yesterday I ran/walked 2.5 miles. I'm sure I wasn't supposed to do that much, but dang it was good. I really need to hit the PT exercises hard on my days off. But my legs were happy today, even if my foot is not.

4. Piano. I'm committing myself to relearning one old favorite along with selections from Buffy the Musical for cousin's birthday surprise in the fall. Also, I had the joy of ordering Hedwig's Theme for a student this week. I do believe I'll be retaining a copy of that one.

5. Arcade Fire. Mr. PJ and I are celebrating an early 5 year anniversary by going to Nashville next weekend for the Arcade Fire concert. They were one of two bands we saw on our honeymoon. And the show's at the Ryman, which always makes for a special, special show.

That is all for now. Still planning on a second (and third) post about Infinitus, when time allows.

*hugs to everyone*

(Apologies for typos. Mobile. LJ posts are not the most awesome thing ever.)


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