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First off, I hope ya'll enjoyed your Gingersnapes. It's been a blast making them, and I'm super anxious to hear how you liked them. :) I've been passing them out randomly at the con (I'm really hoping to happen upon a flock of Snarry shippers tomorrow). And have some classic photes of Droxy!Snape NOT RESPONDING WELL to Gingersnapes. :) I can't get the photos off the memory card yet, but they''ll certainly be up. *giggle*

So, you've read the story by [ profile] voxangelus  now. The inspiration for it was described here. (and if you've not read the story yet, go here or here)

Here's, quickly (before i pass out), how the cookies happened.

First, I asked [profile] anonymous_plume  to do an outline of pregger Snape for me. She is brilliant and delivered this:

She also gave me a cauldron (which you guys have, but con-goers don't. No playing Snape and cauldron for these folks!). Then I just printed out the graphics and used window weatherstripping (the metal kind with the little rubbery insert). I bent the weather stripping into the shape of the outine. The gave me some nice cookie cutters with sharp edges. The downside is they don't form a fully connected figure which can be a little futzy.

From there, it was a matter of sampling recipes. I setted on this one for Gingersnaps. Then it was a matter of rolling out dough and cutting out the shapes. And eating! Lots of Snapey eating!

The accidentally made Pregnant-Outie (and apparently unrepeatable) Snape went to [ profile] sc010f .

Stacked up Snapes make JengaSnapes

And last, my favorite Snape out of all of them.

Gingersnapes shall also be making an appearance at [ profile] zibit_con_09 .



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