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You may have heard me griping about the amount of sewing I signed on to do for gifts this year. It all went relatively well, if last minute. As always, I chose projects that were a bit ambitious considering I'd not sewn in, um, 7 years. But I want to show off the Coolest Thing EVER.

I made Mr. PjPants' cousin (magicallydelicious on TPP) a handbag fashioned to look like d12. It turned out beautifully with the exception of the lid. MD was ECSTATIC when she received it. Now I just have to wrestle it back so that I can craft a new pattern for the lid.

And yes, the numbers were painstakingly hand-appliqued. That reminds me... I need to pick up some FrayCheck from the craft store tomorrow. The original pattern for the handbag can be found here.


Dec. 27th, 2008 10:02 pm
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Ah, presents are all sewn and delivered. Mr. PJPant's extended family has been visited. SIL has returned home. We have the house to ourselves again. A good time was had by all, but it's certainly nice to have just the two of us again. Plus, we can finally enjoy the, um, adult gifts that we gave each other.

I'm tickled to finally own a copy of OTP. I've been dyyyyying to watch it again. I received two expansions for Catan, too: Traders and Barbarians and (finally) Cities and Knights. Mr. PJPants and I played tonight. I loooove playing Catan.

Perhaps the most awesome gift was a $1 cord that connects iPod to stereo. Nothing quite compares to having your entire collection at your fingertips. And, as Mr. PJPants mentioned, now I can broadcast Snapecast episodes in the house. :)

Someday soon, I'll post the pictures of the most awesome present ever sewn. Very cool, but I'm not up for digging through the office to find the digital camera cord at the moment.

In other news, both The Witches of Gilford: Yule Edition and The Witches of Gilford, Chapter 8: The Salmon Mousse have posted. I'm tickled at the reviews thus far.

The last few days of December are going to be hectic as all get-out. There's some decluttering and donating to be done before year end. There's the SS/HG awards to be agonized over (I think I made decisions for half the categories now, which is a good sign). Then we're headed to Nashville on the first to celebrate Christmas, New Years, and Mr. PJPants birthday and seeing Of Montreal in concert. The concert should prove QUITE entertaining. To say the least.
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I'm feeling exceptionally festive now. I'm feeling considerably better. Just a touch of fever now.

The Witches of Gilford: Yule Edition is posted on The Petulant Poetess, and chapter 8 of the original story is patiently waiting in the queue. The Yule Edition is fluffier than the Poly-fill I bought today. I worked diligently this weekend instead of the bazilion Christmas presents (still) left to sew and bake. See how much I love you guys?

AND! I've been sewing the world's most awesome present ever. I'm giving my thumb a bit of a rest from some tedious hand applique work (which is something I swore I'd never do, but Iron-On Numbers were flipping expensive!) I'll post pictures when I finish it.

I watched Wallace and Gromit earlier whilst appliqueing, and I'm settling in for Love Actually now. Mmmmmmm. More drool-worthy men than you can shake a stick at.



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