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I'm still getting my act together and getting back in the swing of things. And here I've gone and missed some January birthdays. 

My woefully inadequate, belated wishes to all of you ladies. I hope you had excellent birthdays and the year is treating you well so far!

10: [ profile] lorena_snape 
21: [ profile] sylvanawood 
24: [ profile] firefly_124 
28: [ profile] droxy 
30: [ profile] pern_dragon 
31: [ profile] talesofsnape 
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Happy birthday to [ profile] lady_karelia  and [ profile] blue_paris . May the year ahead bring you blessings and joy, coffee and cheese, laughter and good friends.


If you'd like a little birthday drabble, just say the words! 
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I'm dashing in and out this weekend, attending the last of the family Christmas gatherings.

Happy New Year to everyone! May 2010 see you happy, safe, and healthy.

And a Happy Belated Birthday to [ profile] mollyssister ! You are an absolute gem and treasure, not to mention a fantastic roomie. I hope I get to see you again in 2010!!!!

I'm still working on bunches of things, not the least of which is a wrap-up of December. I've got a lot to squee about. :D
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I hope you're enjoying your first birthday with little Lola.

Prompt me for drabblage, and I'll return the favor that you so kindly bestow on all of us.

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[ profile] pigwidgeon37 and [personal profile] pythia_delphi

I hope you two have had very lovely birthdays, and may the year ahead of you treat you extra-specially well.

If you deliver me a prompt, I will deliver you a drabble (with any luck, before you turn another year older...).
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WritterMerrin and Dressagegrrrl!

I hope your birthdays were footloose and fancy free!

Prompt me, and I'll write some birthday love for you! 
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Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!

 I've only got to know you a teensy bit since I caught you in my web of pre-con friending. I really wish I could have met you this summer, but alas, it was not fated. Here's hoping that the next year will find us in the same town, tipping back drinks and noshing on tasties. My eyes will thoroughly glaze over in the process of your sewing prowess.

I hope your day has treated you well and that the year ahead is filled with joy.

Please deliver a prompt so that I may write you a birthday treat!
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 Lula, Lula, Lula,

Where to even begin? You are a lightening rod of the fandom, attracting fangirls from far and wide. It's been such a joy getting to know you over the past year. Your posts are always a treat (from the Sculpey ponies and phalluses to the copious smutty fic recs). 

Prompt me, and I shall endeavor to craft something worthy of a birthday gift for you, dear.

I hope it's been a lovely day, and that the next year treats you well.

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Elise, dear, may your birthday bring you your hearts desires, including, but not limited to Severus Snape, a fully funded independent theater, and starring roles in next summer's biggest blockbuster (to pay the rent) and the next Palm d'Or (to keep your street cred). Failing that, may your birthday bring you a steady supply of materials to continue your critical research into the Physiochemical Reaction of the Female Human Physiognomy Under Intensive Amount of Chocolate, Cholesterol, and Champagne. (As I side note, perhaps your consortium should apply for stimulus funding).

If you deliver me a prompt, I shall deliver you a story.

P.S. I had on ideare waiting in the wings that would have served you well, but decided that might be cheating. Prompt away!
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 I hope your day was filled with joy, and that the year to come treats you well!

Prompt me, and I shall deliver you a birthday drabble.
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Am just a day (or two) late. May the year to come treat you well and find you merry at the end.

Deliver me a prompt and I shall write for thee. 
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I hope you had a day full of wonderful music, stellar chemistry, and all the other lovely things that make you a quirky joy to know.

Give me a prompt, and I'll write you a birthday drabble. Hugs, and happy birthday again!

(P.S. To the gazillion people whose birthday's I've missed... your day is coming soon! I didn't completely forget you! Promise!) 
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Happy birthday, Geminiscorp!

I'm tickled beyond measure that we'll be roomies in Chicago! May all the days of your year bring you joy!
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Best wishes to [ profile] sunnythirty3 . In two months (OMG TWO MONTHS!), I shall lavish you with baked goods in my home. *dances* How does chai cake sound as a birthday cake?

Much belated birthday greetings to [ profile] hogwarts91  and [ profile] teshara . I hope your birthdays were a rollicking good time!

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Happy Birthday to Dreamy Dragon!

I leave the flashy banners and clever photo manips to those more talented. Toss me a prompt, and I'll see what I can do, er, someday.
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In case anyone's noticed, I seem determined to keep my birthday wishes to belated greetings. First off, I'm quite the talented procrastinator. Secondly, now that I've done it repeatedly, I wouldn't want anyone to point and pout that so-and-so got their greetings ON TIME (though really, that's hardly likely to happen anyway). And thirdly, don't ya know that the only good thing about growing older is that your birthday celebrations tend to last all month?

With that said, Happy Belated Birthday to [ profile] shiv5468 . May your cough leave you shortly so that you may celebrate your birthday month in good health!

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Happy Birthday to Kribu!

Kribu, you are glorious and wonderful and share the most amazing pictures with all of us. I feel like Estonia must be the most gorgeous place in the world, courtesy of your lens.

I'm going to try and snap some photos of my own soon to return the pic-love.
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(apparently am a day late and dollar short this year)

Happy birthday [ profile] morethansirius !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are an absolute joy, and I'm tickled to have such a lovely fellow fan living so close!

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Happy belated birthday to benevolntgoddes! I know your birthday wasn't quite the dreamy, bon-bon filled, relaxing day of which we all dream. I hope you have one of those soon!
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Sneaking in just under the wire to say Happy Birthday! to [ profile] lady_karelia  and [ profile] blue_paris !

I will bring pressies when I meet you ladies for the first time. *taps foot impatiently.... goes to pester [ profile] kittylefish *


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