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Today's Scavenger Hunt item is quite timely and purely a coincidence. I got an invite to a White Elephant holiday party (no, really, I did!).  Under the cut is a photo of what I'm taking... what will you take?

(In short, a white elephant gift is something you already own that you don't want that you'll be regifting to someone else. Points for tackiness of gift. Mine is boring. You've been warned.) )

And here's the link to the form...
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Whoops! Almost forgot to post this one! Meep!!!

Your task today is to post something purple OR round. I couldn't decide, so I've posted both.

The something purple is the pincushion lovingly referred to as The Dolores Umbridge Pincushion Chair. The super cool thing about it as the cushion lifts up to reveal a little storage compartment which is mighty handy when you travel with sewing stuffs. Not that any of you would have seen this in Florida. Noooooooo.

The round thing is a Tibetan singing bowl that Mr PJ and I purchased on our honeymoon in Vancouver. It's beautiful and big enough that the singing is nice and deep (and not ear-splitting). 
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This is my kitchen, upside down with Random Thing hidden somewhere in the picture. First person to find him gets a haiku, limerick, random bit of free verse of his or her choice. 

No fair turning your monitor upside down either.

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It is late. And I am tired. So this is short.

Post a photo of Random Thing in front of the door to your office/place of residence/bedroom/bathroom/whatever

Under the cut... excitement awaits )
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 In retrospect, the selection for Day Eleven... well, it's rather mean. But, hey, what's a big group scavenger hunt without a wee bit of embarrassment? (*pauses while you all remind me about Science Experiment Day*)

Well, because I am sooooooooooooo benevolent. I went out of my way to make sure I'd have the worst example so that nooooooooo one else had to feel bad. I brushed the Labrador.

Because Day Eleven is 'post your largest dust bunny/fur ball/stack of unfiled papers' day.

Photo under the cut to protect your virtual allergies... )

And here's the link for the sign-in form.

After I post the last photo on the last day, I'll post a link to the spreadsheet so everyone can make sure they logged at least 15 of the scavenger photos.
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Random Thing somewhere that you go every day/often

So, one of the great joys of working from home is that, um, I never really have to leave. I go out to teach piano and the occasional social engagement, but well, home sweet home is pretty much where you can find me. And most often I'm in my recliner. So that's where Elvis is. :) I even let him curl up with the fuzzy blanket.  *pets Elvis*

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[ profile] gelsey , [ profile] rayvyn2k , *scratches head, trying to think of anyone else within easy driving range of Nashville*

Lady_karelia and I are planning to meet up on Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend (Nov. 27), most likely at Bongo Java (at Belmont Boulevard location) in the early afternoon. All are welcome. 

(P.S. - Gelsey, I'll bring those shoes. :D  )
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Day nine is your day to post the oldest thing you own.

I was really, really hoping mine would be the piano, but I tracked down the serial number. Alas, the piano is from 1952.

So, the oldest thing I own is debatable, as we do not yet entirely own our house... But it was built in 1900, which easily makes it the oldest thing I (we) own.

This relic at the top of our stairs is from when our house had gas lamps.  

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I present to you my favorites shoes!!!!! Thanks to [ profile] shiv5468  for pointing me towards Victorian half calf boots when I was shopping for Pansy earlier this year. I'm really not a shoe afficianado. Probably because I'd really rather be barefoot most of the time. But these shoes are my favorite pair I've ever own, eclipsing even the purple Roos I had when I was eight.

The Pansy!Boots are displayed below with the [ profile] ariadne1  dubbed Vera Bradly Death Eater skirt. 

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For those of you who missed the whole Random Thing, er, thing. No worries. Substitute something else random. Or catch up when you have access to Random Thing again if Random Thing was left at work.

Day Seven is hidden under the cut for a reason...

Today is Random Thing with something from the fridge/kitchen/wherever that might be considered a science experiment (either in a positive, yay my kids are budding biologists way or... well, the other way.)

Elvis with Fridge Experiment, under the cut to spare your stomachs )
Don't forget to log your photo here.
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 Complete Mod fail. Two days in a row, I've neglected to take this photo while it was daylight. But I am creative. I shall improvise.

Here's a shot of Elvis (My Random Thing) contemplating the view out my window, wishing the neighbor's lights were the lights on the strip in Vegas instead. Poor Elvis.

All right, my dears. Let's see your photos of your Random Thing with the view outside your window. Don't forget to log your photo here.
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I'm not sure I have enough superlatives in my vocabulary (and I have a lot, tyvm) for just how excited Ari and I are about Day Five.

I give you... Random Thing in my refrigerator! (Is random, no?)

 And yes, yes, I know better than to store an opened can of food in the refrigerator. It's empty so the cats and/or outside critters aren't all over it. It will leave the house next Tuesday.
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THIS is hillllllllarious.

And yes, I still need to respond to comments from the last post. *waves to [ profile] persevero * 
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I am mightily tired, so I shall make this quick.

Today's thing to scavenge is... your favorite shirt/sweatshirt/pyjamas.

I present to you... my current favorite pair of work clothes pyjama pants. Alas, they are summer pants, so they shall have to go soon. 

Apologies for the horrible photography. Tomorrow I shall return to my normal, only marginally subpar, photography.
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It's the day you've all been waiting for!!!!

It's Random Thing Day!!!!! 

This is Elvis. My parents gave him to me as a joke I believe, but he's proudly displayed in our home anyway. For a few years now, Dad's taken to channeling The King for birthday greetings. It's his specialty of sorts. So, I keep the statue thingy around to remind of dad's more charming features. :)

He, um, does not normally sit on the piano.

All right, everyone! Let's see what Random Things you have lurking in your LJs!  Here's the post logging form again!
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It's time for Day Two of Ari and PJ's First Irregularly Occurring Totally Random LJ Scavenger Hunt.  Today's item to scavenge is your favorite beverage in your favorite drinking vessel.

And if you've got more than one, there's no need to limit yourself at all. Personally, I was unable to pick just one.

This golden bit of awesomesauce is Pumking Ale by Southern Tier. Sunday Mr PJ baked his first ever pie (pumpkin), and we consumed both while watching Shaun of the Dead on Halloween. (This is sort of cheating because my real favorite is the Southern Tier Creme Brulee Stout. *dies of awesome at the thought of it* But the Pumking Ale is a very good substitute when the Creme Brulee Stout is not available for purchase). Also it is not my favorite drinking vessel.

BELOW is my favorite drinking vessel with my other favorite beverage, coffee (Seattle's Best Breakfast Blend).

This awesomely Snape-shaped drinking vessel was made by the lovely [ profile] juniperus  and makes me grin even BEFORE I've had coffee every time I use it. I love him. I really do.

All right, my pretties. I eagerly await your Day Two posts! Don't forget to log your post here! And if you missed Day One, no worries. You've got five free skips built in!
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Questionable Content is a daily web comic about a group of twenty something indie kids.

Today's strip is too awesome not to share. 

ETA: And thanks to voxangelus for asking last night if I'd read it yet. :D
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Welcome, one and all to Day One of the Ariadne and PJ's First Irregularly Occurring Totally Random LJ Scavenger Hunt. We've unlimited slots available, so if you're interested in playing along, just read and comment on this post. Also, if you've not sent PJ your $1 for the prize pot (or let her know that funds are on the way pending Paypal signup), please do. Only people who toss in their $1 will be entered into the prize drawing. (and we all like prize drawings, yes?)

Day One: My Favorite Socks

My mom made me these. *wiggles toes* My mind still boggles at the awesomeness that is self-striping yarn.

All right! Everyone's got their first Scavenger Hunt assignment! Don't forget to log in here once you've made your post so that you're in the running for the prize!
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Scene: Late Friday night...

PJ: *pokes Ari*

Ari: Eep!

PJ: How goes your Pit of Despair?

Ari: Very like a pit. You?

PJ: Same.

Ari: You know what this calls for...


For the first 20 days of November, we're hosting the First Irregularly Occurring Totally Random LJ Scavenger Hunt.

How it works:

1. You sign up in comments to this post.

2. Every day before she goes to sleep (between 2 and 4 a.m., U.S. Eastern Time), PJ will select one Item to be Scavenged from our Super-Seekrit Master List of Diabolical Randomness. Your Scavenge involves your:

- finding said item/thing/view/perspective
- taking a crappy cell phone picture of it (or a really good picture; your choice)
- posting that pic to your LJ
- and recording the URL of your post in PJ's Totally Awesome DropDown Box of Random Disco-Ball Fun (link will be repeated in daily PJ post)

3. This Random Fun lasts 20 days, but you get five skips for free.

4. Participants are asked to contribute one dollar up front via PayPal (to for the privilege of having loads of random, voyeuristic, nonsensical fun. The Grand PooBah of Random will be chosen from people who make it all the way through by random drawing (naturally) by a disinterested party (who will find all this terribly amusing - one of Ari's colleagues or students; hereby Ari disqualifies herself from winning). The winner will receive either a gift certificate or the choice of a non-political charitable donation - and gift haikus from all the losers who, no matter how busy they are with NaNo, can find the time to write a stinkin' random haiku, yes?


Random Thing: *raises hand*

Both: Awww... lookit the cute Random Thing.

PJ's NaNo Bunny: HEEEEEEEEEY. You're only supposed to pay attention to MEEEEEEE.

PJ: Oh, hush. This will only take a minute or two every day. And I'll need pretty pictures to look at during NaNo.

Random Thing: *waves arm; looks hopeful*

PJ: Yes, Random Thing?

Random Thing: I want to play too.

Ari: *pats Random Thing* Okay.

5. As a special heads up, when you sign up, you should probably choose a relatively portable Random Thing and get it ready for its close-up.

Random Thing: *preens*


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