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My fantastic amazing gift in this year's [ profile] sshg_exchange was the absolutely stunning Root of the Matter by [ profile] noxiaa. I was completely floored by her take on a very challenging prompt. The story is magical, in every meaning of the word, and I lost myself in it. The first chapter may frighten you off because it begins at such a dark, terrifying point in Hermione's life, but there is hope and brilliance that follows.

My contribution was Behind the Dungeon Door which [ profile] shiv5468 chose as her 2nd gift (!!!!!!!!!). It was one of the few times I've let go of my internal censor and just WRITTEN without angsting over the outcome, and I think I might need to take an object lesson from the experience. Writing was actually, um, fun. Who knew? I owe my eternal thanks and the non-baby equivalent of a first born to [ profile] pokeystar and [ profile] christev for the Bingo planning chat that spawned the most brilliant idea ever: a porn soundtrack for a PWP fic that featured porn. [ profile] pokeystar's husband wrote the music featured in the story, and he deserves a million, billion kudos for delivering a spectacular soundtrack.

Huge kudos also go to [ profile] christev, [ profile] dickgloucester, [ profile] machshefa, and [ profile] sc010f for chasing away any lingering wibbles and stray commas.

Thank you to executive producers [ profile] shiv5468, [ profile] ginny_weasley31 and [ profile] scatteredlogic. What more can I say that hasn't been said? Thank you for the fantastic prompts? ;) Thanks for modding this fantastic event that brings such joy and drama (draaaaaaaaama) to our lives.

And thanks to [ profile] christev and [ profile] pearle9240 for some fabulous icons. [ profile] miss_page_54 still has some work cut out for her. ;)
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